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The magic behind the new implant – the new tapered standard

Roxolid® groundbreaking material

Reducing invasiveness with smaller implants

  • More treatment options
  • Higher patient acceptance
  • Clinically validated performance

Apically tapered

Excellent primary stability even in compromised bone situations

  • Full-depth thread to apex for early engagement
  • Self-cutting in underprepared sites
  • Protecting anatomical structure with round tip

SLActive® surface maximizing predictability

Predictability at its best

  • Safer and faster treatment in 3-4 weeks for all indications3-11
  • Higher treatment predictability in challenging protocols12-17
  • Beyond healthy patients: Broadening treatment potential18

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Dr. David Cochran, University of Texas, USA

Dr. Jean-Louis Zadikian, Paris, France

Dr. Paolo Casentini, University of Milan, Italy

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